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Chairman's Chatter is compiled quarterly by our Chairman John Shaw. John summarizes the latest developments in the club covering general news, exhibition reports, developments in the clubs  layouts, and any other notices. To view a Chairman's Chatter simply click the relevant link, or scroll down for the latest edition.

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October 2017

Chairman’s Chatter

The AGM is once again upon us. I hope as many members as possible will attend this important meeting. 
Note the start time please.

00 Gauge Matters

Following the appointment of the “Managers” responsible for specific aspects of the project, work is proceeding on all parts of the layout and exhibiting.


Our aim is to present Redbridge Wharf at a suitable event/venue in 2018. Our publicity includes:

  •          Revision of the Redbridge Publicity leaflet completed for circulation
  •          Provision to visitors at events (Model Railway Shows and events such as the that would be suitable for Redbridge) including the Bursledon Brickworks.
  •          Personal contact to well-known Exhibition Managers
  • ·        Circulation to Exhibitions that we believe would be interested in a layout of our quality and size

Work in Progress

Following the appointments mentioned above work is progressing in the following areas:

  • Route setting - final routes to be completed.
  • Trackwork in the fiddle yards - work on more robust track and turnouts
  • Main line trackwork - completion of the Romsey doubl track.
  • The wharf trackwork - some minor modifications to previously laid trackwork.
  • Cable ducting           - modelling of the protection of the power and signal cables
  • Ballasting - completion in the wharf yards.
  • Infrastructure - final design and construction of the log pond.
  • Wharf buildings - main structures and fine details.

Work to be started/completed

  • Signals - construction of the signals (removable semaphore and colour light according to the “era” at exhibitions
  • .Buildings - completion of remaining buildings in the wharf area.
  • Station platform buildings - production and completion of appropriate items.
  • The quayside - final decisions on the agreed items including the quayside wall, rubbing timber, loading ramp etc.
  • The River - river depth, colour etc. has been agreed.

EM gauge matters

We have been operating Mawgan Porth to test the validity of the time-table.So far no problems have arisen. More wagons have been fitted with 3-link couplings.

0 Gauge matters

Work continues at the Canal Junction MPD area. Brian has built us the water crane and painted buffer stops etc. Next task is to get the signal servos working correctly. The servo drivers are interfering with the other relay logic and now need more relays to stop the connection between the power supplies. This is not what we expected from the instructions with the servo logic board.


Other Business.

Please note:

Annual Dinner – Saturday February 24th 2018 at Potters Heron




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