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Chairman's Chatter is compiled quarterly, in February, May, August and November by our Chairman John Shaw. John summarizes the latest developments in the club covering general news, exhibition reports, developments in the clubs  layouts, and any other notices. To view a Chairman's Chatter simply click the relevant link, or scroll down for the latest edition.

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Feb 13

May 2013

The visit to McAlpine’s proved to be an interesting 2 days with a lot of interest taken in the modelling activities shown by members of the club. Dave won first prize for ‘best male in show’, (sorry Dave’s dog Archie won the prize) and Archie won second prize for ‘best in show’. Well-done Jeanne.

OO Gauge Matters


As reported in earlier missives, the decision had been taken to sell Itchen Vale so that Redbridge could be “installed” and a circuit laid to allow continuous running whilst other construction continued.

A sale was quickly achieved via E Bay at a very acceptable price. (£810.00 less commission etc.)

Prior to sale a program of basic renovation took place. Also, many photographs were taken that will form a permanent record of what was a major project and a very good layout. Itchen Vale will be well remembered by Members who designed/constructed the layout and those that have enjoyed “running trains”.


The removal of Itchen Vale has allowed the Group to start a good “clear up/out” that will enable construction on Redbridge to be more efficient and allow greater progress. Many interesting items have been uncovered!
The existing Dexion system will be used as the basis of the supports for the baseboards.


Fiddle Yard

As mentioned above, a condition of the disposal was that continuous running would be restored with the minimum of delay. To facilitate this fiddle yard track work would need to be designed to allow the basic point work to be fabricated and a simple circuit completed.
Several plans were drawn up using Templot® and eventually one was agreed that would facilitate maximum storage capacity and flexibility of train operation though the 3 routes. The fiddle yard track layout also had to “fit” within the constraints of the available space and the O Gauge circuit. This resulted in some “interesting” shaped boards!

Work has proceeded, with the point motor installation and almost all wiring on Boards 1, 2 & 3 is complete. 
Following the agreement on the fiddle yard track plan the Fiddle Yard Baseboards have been completed.

Redbridge Group on Yahoo

The WRM Redbridge Group on Yahoo is being used more and more for posting messages and many plans /photographs have been uploaded

EM gauge Matters 

Mick and Peter C have been busy building  new supporting legs for the layout. .Meanwhile, Peter B has built and installed the cattle dock

O gauge Matters 

Our recent, award winning  exhibition was one of the most enjoyable to be party to. It was not too far from home, the stock and layout performed well and the operators achieved some excellent running. Work now commences on the link to Canal Junction followed by the extra logic required to try DCC operation on the branch.

Other Business 

Dare I mention the Summer Party? Hoping for some warmer weather soon and we shall need a venue for the party and of course a suitable date.


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