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Chairman's Chatter is compiled quarterly by our Chairman John Shaw. John summarizes the latest developments in the club covering general news, exhibition reports, developments in the clubs  layouts, and any other notices. To view a Chairman's Chatter simply click the relevant link, or scroll down for the latest edition.

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July 2021

A little bit of normality in that I we have a published a programme of events. Please note the dates of the special events and exhibitions as we need your help especially at the Otterbourne hall as 3 of our members’ layouts will be there and help is needed to set up from 8.15am and operate. No special allocation has been given to Wednesday evenings until all is back to normal.


00 Gauge Matters

A list of required scenic repairs etc., has been circulated and I know a lot have been volunteered for. Running (otherwise known as testing) is key to enable snags to be sorted before the 4th August.

Dave and Nick are ‘hot on the trail’ of the unstable nature of the route setting problems and hope to have this more stable very shortly.

EM gauge matters

Covid has meant a complete shut down on Mawgan Porth. Hopefully the polythene covers will soon be removed, and we can see running again.


0 Gauge matters

A recent visit has enabled DC running to be tested on the station area. Next is the Fiddle Yard and all in the other room.

Other Business.

Please note the AGM date in October.

You may recall I wrote in an earlier newsletter the need for our mains power to be checked and updated and some additional safety measures put in place if possible.

In January 2021, I mentioned the need for this, and I was able to report that a volunteer had come forward having seen the newsletter on our website. Dave Newton has now visited the club with Nick and I, and between us we have come up with the following suggestions:

1.      A check on the source of our power has confirmed all is well and that the earthing arrangement is suitable as we occupy the same building at the distribution board and meter etc.

2.      A new PIR and additional lamp can be fitted externally so that better lighting is available on passing through the wicket gate and the approach to the stairs. A second PIR to be fitted to activate a light to illuminate the stairs. This will allow entering and exiting the building to be lit. Power for these will be as now and will be always available.

3.      A new distribution board to replace the existing one. The new board to be waterproof and have RCDs fitted for better protection with extra outlets as needed.

4.      A new master on/off switch to be provided for use by the first and last member to alleviate the need to open the distribution board and use the switch within it as now.

5.      We discussed a safe form of heating which might give a better and quicker response to the existing gas heaters used at present. The suggestion is to fit 2 radiant electric heaters on the wooden beams in room 1 (Abbotstone and meeting room). These would face downwards and would be an improvement on the gas fires. To help move this heat into room 2 (Redbridge Wharf), fan heaters to be installed low down at each end or on each side. These will be switchable to fan only in the summer to help move air circulate around. The gas fires may still be needed on extremely cold evenings.

Dave N is an experienced railway modeller and has is own 4mm layout and is going to come along to club and hopefully formally join us.

He has offered to do all the work free of charge although he will require some assistance when the time comes. In the meantime, he is putting together a list of requirements and approximate costs, although some he has in stock and will not charge us for. This will be circulated to members for formal approval in due course. To summarise, we shall have a professional job done at no labour cost and the lighting, heating and general safety of the clubroom will be improved


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