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Chairman's Chatter is compiled quarterly, in February, May, August and November by our Chairman John Shaw. John summarizes the latest developments in the club covering general news, exhibition reports, developments in the clubs  layouts, and any other notices. To view a Chairman's Chatter simply click the relevant link, or scroll down for the latest edition.

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Aug 2013

The weather was kind to us at the Summer Party and thanks go again to David for his hospitality and to all who prepared the super food. Thank you to all members who attended Sam’s memorial service, He was a valued member who always volunteered to operate any layout and would spare time with new members making them feel welcome. He will be sorely missed.

OO Gauge Matters

The removal of all of the baseboard and scenic components of Itchen Vale has provided a “clear” area that has, holydays absence notwithstanding, allowed work on Redbridge to proceed apace.


Negotiations took place with the O Gauge Group to allow the “far end” baseboards to be supported above the end of their continuous circuit. This has resulted in the added bonus of providing a larger working space for the new O Gauge MPD.

The Dexion support system has been modified and repositioned reflecting the last baseboard plan. Steps were taken to ensure that the new baseboards will be “level” and the whole structure has been securely screwed to the floor and additional pieces added to ensure no lateral deflections. The final result is very pleasing with a level and rigid structure.

All baseboards have now been completed and they “connect” using the common dowel/pins for alignment and bolts/nuts to hold securely in place.

At last it is possible to see how the Redbridge concept will look!

Track Plan

Further, minor, changes were made to the fiddle yard track layout and Templot print outs have been glued to the baseboard surfaces for all of the point work. We are confident that the final plan will allow maximum train operation flexibility whilst ensuring that spacing will enable stock to be lifted from closely spaced track.


Wiring to the tracks, point motors and across board connectors has been carried out with due diligence to ensure wiring integrity.

Having all of the scenic boards “in place” is allowing progress to be made on completing the main line tracks in the scenic section.  This will shortly allow a simple “circuit” to be completed to allow trains to run through the fiddle yard. Fiddle Yard point construction is underway with the main scissors crossover largely completed.

EM gauge Matters 

Testing of the layout after fitting the new legs has revealed a few wiring problems and these are being corrected. Also, some minor damage to the track has been repaired

O gauge Matters 

The gremlins found at New Milton have (hopefully) been resolved.

Our next outing is for one day only at Beckenham. The usual ‘suspects’ will travel in the van, setup and stay overnight. It is hoped 2 full cars of operators will make the journey on the Saturday to help operate, dismantle and assist at the club at the end of the day. Frank will be in touch! Thanks to all who attended the Open Day at Otterbourne. You have at least seen what I get up to at present.

Other Business 

The Annual General Meeting is only a few weeks away. Please try to attend. One topic will be whether we shall hold a Christmas Party this year. Give this some thought and if you are willing to host the party, please let me know.


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