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Chairman's Chatter is compiled quarterly by our Chairman John Shaw. John summarizes the latest developments in the club covering general news, exhibition reports, developments in the clubs  layouts, and any other notices. To view a Chairman's Chatter simply click the relevant link, or scroll down for the latest edition.

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July 2022

 Chairman’s Chatter

It’s good to see members getting to grips with the Redbridge Wharf running evenings. DCC is a whole new way of controlling our models and is very new to lots of us. I hope with Abbotstone up and running again we can all experience the 'lever frame' method of operation soon.


00 Gauge Matters

Running sessions are now in full swing as we work towards training and mentoring club members to improve their knowledge and operational competency on Redbridge. We aim to run at least once a month but during May and June we have managed two sessions a month.

A new club laptop has been purchased removing the reliance upon Nick or Dave's personal laptops for running the sequence. We opted for a refurbished laptop which met our requirements, keeping the cost down considerably.

A considerable amount of work is ongoing to improve the visual appeal of Redbridge as well as reliability and operational ease. To mention but a few highlights:

  • Geoff R and Dave have been working on the working ground signals, two of the four will be operational,as the other two on the station crossover are barely used.
  • Andy is close to finishing the third rail cabling and weathering.
  • Tony and Geoff R are working on motorising the gantry crane. This will provide some theatre to the front of the Yard.
  • Jeff G has added some more scenery to the embankment by the road bridge. He has also been working on the military train, ensuring vehicles are correct for our operating era.
  • Clive Watson and Richard R have been working on the track painting on club board 'D0', and planning is underway for the scenery on this board. Uncoupling magnets also need to be added to this board.
  • Richard G has been working through identifying problem areas in the yard (wagons and track) 
  • Mike and Clive Worledge have been working on new station signs and various other enhancements to the station scenics.
  • John has added road numbers to the Fiddle Yard gantry, Totton end, to aid in identification of roads for the Up Driver.
  • Various owners' stock is being refined to make it correct for the 1966/67 era, including the correct BR emblems and the addition of some working tail lamps.


EM gauge matters

Having had a running night tonight, I can report it started with track cleaning. This is necessary even though it had been covered since last used. Then a variety of passenger train operations were operated. This was followed by another EM modeller testing his new GER loco, even if geographically it would have been somewhat unusual.


0 Gauge matters

I have now started replacing the plugs and sockets at the baseboards for Abbotstone. The delay will be in supply.

BBs 6 & 7 are now complete and have been replaced in position. Testing has started on the boards 1 to 7 with one fault found so far which I believe was known prior to changing the plug. All boards will be returned now, and testing of the whole layout completed. This will establish which are the least reliable connections that should be tackled next. Thanks to my helpers who produced the fixing brackets for the baseboards.


Other Business.

As you will see the date of the AGM is shown. Please try to keep that evening free as we decide the priorities and programme for the next 12 months.













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