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Chairman's Chatter is compiled quarterly, in February, May, August and November by our Chairman John Shaw. John summarizes the latest developments in the club covering general news, exhibition reports, developments in the clubs three layouts, and any other notices. To view a Chairman's Chatter simply click the relevant link, or scroll down for the latest edition.
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Nov 2011

The AGM has been and gone and we welcome a new Secretary, Eddie, who I am sure will look after things well for us. The outstanding and important matter from the AGM is the level of insurance cover the club should have to cover fixtures and fittings, layouts and stock. A representative from each modelling group is to put together sensible valuations for these items within their group and then meet to discuss all as a whole to come up with figures. It is accepted that some stock may need to be removed from the club to keep premiums at a reasonable and affordable level.

OO Gauge Matters 

Steady progress has been made prior to and following the AGM. Most of the mainline track (up-line with concrete sleepers and down-line with wooden) has been completed and laid through the platforms and as far as the Romsey junction. This has included the main crossover point-work and experience has been gained in the construction of the etched brass (and very fiddly) rail chairs on the wooden sleepers.
Led by Dave and Rich, all of the Redbridge Group has participated in making most of the yard area points. For many of the Group this has been their first attempt at "fine-scale" and soldered construction track work.
Ian has produced a prototype for the baseboard supports that included provision for the lighting rig and the "daughter boards".
Once the design of the point work tie bar operation is completed the points will be attached to the baseboards. Other work underway includes the specification for the third rail and its various components.

EM gauge Matters 

Work continues on the station building, fencing, etc., while Mick is tackling LSW ground signals scratch-built from plasticard. The dockside harbour wall has been completed and put in place with water for a Cornish shrimper to be floated on it.

O gauge Matters 

We have painted the wall behind Abbotstone to try and tidy things up a bit and help with photographs that may be taken. Our article on the layout should be published in the summer with a photo session in the spring. The next big project is to rewire the enigma etc and we shall start this as soon as all detail has been completed.

Other Business 

Please note that Whitchurch is not going to the Leamington show in January. They have had poor financial results from previous shows and want to keep costs down for the time being. The Christmas Party will be soon upon us and David will need to know what you will be taking towards the Supper.


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